Wilderness tours & lodging in Lofsdalen, Sweden

Vaartoe offers guided wilderness experiences such as wildlife safaris, hiking trips and snowshoe tours in and around Lofsdalen and Sonfjället National Park (Härjedalen, Sweden). Besides guided tours we also offer lodging just outside of Glöte, near Lofsdalen.

Our wilderness tours

We offer nature experiences such as wildlife spotting, hiking trips and snowshoe tours with a local guide.

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Hiking in Lofsdalen

Guided tours in Lofsdalen

We guide tours in and around Lofsdalen, a small mountain town in Jämtland Härjedalen known and loved for its downhill skiing, cycling and hiking. Not to mention its abundant wildlife such as bears, moose and even wolverines.

Welcome to Sonfjället National Park:
Sweden’s oldest national park

An hour’s drive from Lofsdalen lies Sonfjället National Park which has an incredible mix of primeval forest and rugged rock formations and makes for superb hiking. It’s also one Sweden’s most important bear refuges which makes it a great place for a bear safari.

Other local highlights

A selection of majestic and rustic locations that are easily accessible from our base of operations in Lofsdalen.

Hovärken, Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen’s own mount Hovärken rises up 1125 meters above sea level and offers magnificent views over the town and surrounding mountains.


In Vedungsfjällen, on the borders between Jämtland and Dalarna, lies mount Sömlingshågna. On a warm day you can take a refreshing dip in lake Hågntjärn, on the foot of the mountain.


At the south entrance into Sonfjället National Park lies a small settlement that offers lodging and ‘fika’ and is an excellent starting point for a trip into the national park. More information at

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