Guide Rutger
Guide/host Rutger (ⓒlucid)
Guide/host Kiki

Who we are

Vaartoe Wilderness Tours & Lodging (vaartoe means “mountain with a mile-wide view” in the South Sámi language) is run by guides/hosts Rutger and Kiki. 

Kiki and Rutger are two ‘Dutchies’ who, out of their love for the mountains and the seasons, decided to move to Sweden in 2017. Their passion for the wilderness, wildlife and outdoor activities has only grown since living in the rugged Norrland.

Vaartoe Wilderness Tours & Lodging has its headquarters in Glöte, a small farmers town just outside of Lofsdalen. Here you’ll find our lodging and the starting point for most of our tours.

Our guides/hosts speak Swedish, English, Dutch/Flemish and can understand German.

Vaartoe is licensed to arrange guided tours in Sonfjället National Park as well as Nyvallens and Nysäterns nature reserves.

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