Guide Rutger (photo by Lucid)

A Dutch tourguide in Lofsdalen

Vaartoe (which means ‘a mountain with a mile-wide view’ in the South Sámi language) Turguide is run by Rutger van Dillen. Rutger is a Dutchman who, out of love for the mountains and the different seasons, decided to move to Sweden in 2017. His passion for the outdoors and outdoor activities has only grown since living in the rugged Norrland.

In the summer you will most likely find him hiking the trails, cross-country cycling, fishing or camping. In the winter time he enjoys downhill skiing but has since living in Härjedalen also become fond of other winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking and snowmobile touring.

Rutger lives in Glöte, a small farmers town just outside of Lofsdalen, together with his wife and his dogs. Besides Lofsdalen, Sonfjället National Park is his favorite hangout.

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