Summer Tours

Explore Sweden’s nature and wildlife with a local guide

summer tours

Guided tours in Lofsdalen and Sonfjället National Park, home of the brown bear

At Vaartoe Turguide we offer nature experiences such as hiking trips and wildlife safaris with a local guide in Härjedalen.

One of the advantages of booking a local guide is that you will discover amazing places off the beaten path. Take a look at our tours below to see if there’s something for you!

Private tours

Special offer June-July 2022:
the Ultimate Swedish Wilderness Experience

A total package with a wildlife safari, wilderness trekking and a night in a hide-out!

Waiting for wildlife

Evening wildlife spotting with dinner over an open fire

Come along to a special place near Sonfjället National Park where we enjoy a peaceful evening trying to spot wildlife such as moose and brown bears…

Korpflyet mountain

Discover Sonfjället National Park, home of the brown bear

Follow along on this beautiful dayhike through different types of nature, ranging from dense primeval forest to barren and rocky plains…

Wilderness wildlife tracking

Come along on this amazing animal tracking dayhike in an area of Härjedalen away from the crowds…

Forest cabin

Wildlife safari Sonfjället National Park (2 days)

A two day wildlife safari in Sonfjället National Park with focus on finding animal tracks and spotting wildlife…

Wildlife safari camping trip (3 days)

A three day camping trip in Härjedalen’s mountains with focus on spotting wildlife…

Experience Glötesvålen: Sweden’s highest located wind farm

Enjoy amazing 360° views of the wilderness around Sweden’s highest situated wind farm.

Group tours

Mini Bushcraft Adventure

Come along on this fun morning trip for the entire family and learn to make fire, handle knives in a safe way and try to find animal tracks along the way!

Experience Lofsdalen’s magical mountains

For those who are hesitant to go into the mountains on their own: a dayhike full of beautiful nature and practical hiking tips.

Book a tour with a local guide