Nature trekking in Sonfjället National Park

Korpflyet mountain

Guided day-hike through Sonfjället National Park, home of the brown bear

  • Hike through Sweden’s oldest national park
  • Experience different types of vegetation as we walk from dense forest to barren rock formations
  • Look for and taste cloudberries, also known as ‘the Gold of Sweden’
  • Sonfjället has the highest concentration of bears in Sweden
  • Enjoy lunch looking out over beautiful valleys and try to spot wildlife
  • End the day with a Swedish BBQ meal at Dalsvallen

Follow along on this beautiful day hike through different types of nature, ranging from dense primeval forest to barren and rocky plains which are the remains of the melting of the last inland ice sheet. Along the way we might find fresh tracks of bears, moose and reindeer. Sonfjället National Park is also home to some of the rarer bird species such as the golden eagle, rock ptarmigan and the dotterel (also known as the hiker’s friend). And if time is right we might even find some cloudberries, also known as the Swedish gold of the marshes.

We will start our day in Dalsvallen, an old forest workers settlement which nowadays rents out cabins and camping spots. Here we will get to know each other while we enjoy a ‘kokkaffe’ (or tea) and a Swedish snack. After this lunch bags will be handed out and we are ready to be on our way!

The first part of our hike takes us through dense forest in which you can almost feel the presence of brown bears. If we’re lucky we will even find some tracks. The higher up the mountain we walk the more open the forests becomes until finally we reach the majestic open and rocky mountain area high up in the park.

After our hike back to Dalsvallen we will end our day together with a Swedish BBQ meal.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a medium tough hike with quite some altitude difference. A decent level of fitness is therefore required. Some prior hiking experience can be useful. Recommended minimum age 12 years.

Tour details

  • Type: private tour
  • Duration: ca. 6-8 hours
  • Length: ca. 19 km
  • Bring your binoculars
  • Clothing according to layer principle
  • All meals included

Price (total)

2 guests: 2950 sek
4 guests: 3950 sek
6 guests: 4950 sek
8 guests: 5950 sek

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