Overnight wildlife safari Sonfjället National Park

Wildlife tracking and spotting tour in Sonfjället National Park (2 days)

  • Sonfjället National Park is believed to have the highest bear density in Sweden
  • Spend the night in a secluded forest cabin
  • Long summer days with a lot light give us more spotting time
  • Meals and material included
  • We end our trip with a Swedish BBQ at Dalsvallen

On this tour our main goal is to find animal tracks and hopefully spot some wildlife such as moose and bears. By staying in a secluded cabin away from the marked tourist trails we try to maximise our spotting chances. An advantage of spending the night on this trip is that we can spot during the dusk and later on the evening when the animals are most active.

Day 1
Our tour starts at Dalsvallen, an old forest workers settlement at the South entrance of Sonfjället National Park. This is not only the oldest national park in Sweden, it is also believed to be the area that has the highest bear population in Sweden which makes it an excellent area for our wildlife safari.
Our day begins with coffee and something sweet, known as ‘fika’. While we enjoy our fika we go through the details of the trip and get to know each other a little bit.

When everyone has finished their coffee and sweets we start our hike into the National Park, the first part leads us over marked trails. We’ll find a nice spot with good views to enjoy our lunch and do some mid-day spotting of course! After our lunch we hike on to our cabin in the forest. On the second part of our trip we will be leaving the marked trails behind us.

When we reach our cabin we will setup camp and cook dinner together. After our meal we will hike to a spot with good views over some of Sonfjällets mountain slopes for some night time spotting. After this it’s time to hike back to the cabin and crawl into our sleeping bags for the night.

Day 2
On the last day of the tour we will get up bright and early to enjoy our breakfast. When we finish our breakfast it’s time to pack our things, clean the cabin and start the hike back to Dalsvallen. Along the way we will of course be on the lookout for animal tracks and wildlife.

Once we reach Dalsvallen we will conclude our trip with a lunchtime BBQ where we can share our experiences with each other. After this it’s time to say our goodbyes and enjoy the rest of your holiday!


Medium. Although the total distance of this hike is around 25 km we have two days to make this hike. We will however be walking and climbing in rougher terrain. A level of decent physical fitness is therefore required. Hiking experience in rougher terrain (rocky slopes, dense forest) can come in handy but is not required. Recommended minimum age 15 years old.
  • Private tour
  • Length: 2 days, 1 night
  • Total hike length ca. 25 km
  • Stay in cabin included
  • Sleeping bag included
  • All meals included
  • Maximum of 4 guests

Price (total)
6950 sek (2 guests)
8450 sek (4 guests)

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