Glötesvålen: Sweden’s highest located wind farm

Guided tour through Sweden’s highest situated wind farm

  • Enjoy amazing 360 degree views
  • Make a unique hike through Sweden’s most unique wind farm
  • See the windmills up close
  • Learn about wildlife and nature around the wind farm

Join us on a guided tour through Sweden’s most unique and highest situated wind farm. We gather at Glötegården in central Glöte, near Lofsdalen. Together we drive up to and through the wind farm.

On the way we will make several stops where we will talk about the wind farm and the wilderness and its animals surrounding the wind farm.

We will also make a short hike (ca. 3 km) through the wind farm and take in the amazing views together.

Clothing according to the weather (also think of gloves, hat, etc.) because it can get quite cold and windy up on Glötesvålen, even in summertime. Participants will be able to borrow mandatory protective equipment (helmet and vest).


Easy. This tour is suitable for the whole family. The total hike is only about 3 km and there are no big altitude differences. Recommended age from 6 years (younger children can of course come along if you think they can keep up!)

This tour is organised in cooperation with Glöte Byalag and Glötesvålen Vind AB.

  • Protective clothing included
  • Length: ca. 2 hours
  • Maximum participants: 12

Price per group
1150 sek

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