Wilderness wildlife tracking

Guided wildlife tracking tour in undiscovered wilderness

  • Day tour in an undiscovered area
  • No trails, off the beaten path
  • Searching for claw markings, paw prints, den’s and droppings
  • Through ancient forests and over rugged mountains
  • Lunch and ‘fika’ included

Come along on this amazing hike in an area of Härjedalen away from the crowds. Experience total solitude with nothing but the sounds of the forests and mountains around us. Fill your cup in an ice cold stream and and enjoy a lunch with majestic views.

We start our day at Vaartoe Wilderness Tours & Lodging with coffee and a Swedish snack while we go through the tour details and get to know each other a little better. After our coffee we start our hike into the forest and up the mountains. Along the way we will be on the lookout for different kind of animal tracks such as moose droppings, claw markings, prey leftovers and maybe even a bear’s den.

Lunch will be enjoyed on a spot where we have terrific views over a mountain slope in the hope that we might even spot some wildlife.


Medium. This hike will be between 10-15 km long and will go over rougher terrain (no hiking trails). We will be hiking through dense forest all the way up to the more stony mountain tops. A basic level of fitness is required and some hiking experience can be useful. Recommended minimum age 12 years old.
  • Private tour
  • Length: ca. 6-7 hours
  • Bring your binoculars
  • Clothing according to the layer principle
  • Lunch and ‘fika’ included

Price (total)
2450 sek (2 guests)
2950 sek (4 guests)
3450 sek (6 guests)
3950 sek (8 guests)

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